Come On

For the last few weeks my housemate has been having friends round (despite the lockdown restrictions meaning no indoor meetings!) and cramming into the living room next door to my room to work out together. The living room is a connecting room between the rest of the house and the kitchen/bathroom. There are 3 other housemates besides me and the one having friends around.

So what they are doing is cramming into a connecting room, with the door closed and no ventilation, and filling the air with their sweat and exhalations, with loud music playing and slamming weights down onto the floor repeatedly, for 2-3 hours every night, for the last few weeks. I am usually hiding in my room waiting for it to pass, but tonight decided to go and do some admin tasks which required me going through the living room to the bathroom, passing through back and forth just to ‘inconvenience’ them and assert the fact that they’re occupying a completely communal part of the house. Of course, whenever I usually go to ask them to stop slamming weights down onto the floor, they always look annoyed and inconvenienced. It’s unbelievably arrogant and stupid.

Several times I’ve filled in the police’s online covid breaching form, but had no response so tonight had the idea to just phone them, skipping through the automated machine requesting me to report it online, and spoke to someone. It was great to be taken seriously about it, and they filed an urgent incident for officers to come round πŸ˜„. My housemate’s mates had already been here an hour and a half already, so I mentioned that if the police didn’t manage to come round in time, I’ll just phone again tomorrow but I’ll do it as soon as they all arrive.

I’m currently just waiting to see if the police come round tonight. If they actually make it, and the housemate and his mates get fined, it would be sooo unbelievably satisfying. And if it stops them doing their extremely disturbing nightly workouts, that would be such an improvement for me. I’ve become so used to not being taken seriously on anything that I’d given up trying to make any headway with it, but actually there’s a real chance for progress on this I think, thanks to covid!


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