Dreams 9

As we begin to feel the light of other stars…
We commemorate Grandad,
By remembering what he taught usβ€”
We look forwards, not behind;

Grandad took us to Europa where we found an ocean world,
Uninhabited, fertile,
Free of the problems created by humankind,
A planet-girdling ocean where we could create the kind of society we wished to swim in;

Free of the endless persecution which our ancestors lived through…
We were free once more to tell our stories, pass down our ideas,
Allow our natural curiosity, wonder and love for the worldβ€”all worldsβ€” to flourish,
And come together as whales to embark on ever-more ambitious projects;

Grandad began this journey with us, this epic pilgrimage across interstellar space,
He started us on a path which would lead us to ultimate freedom,
Now…as we near our destination, we look ahead to new worldsβ€”
Amongst them a planet much like the Earth once was, sustaining a watery surface by the mere light of its host star,
This planet which we’ll call home,
This planet where we’ll breach the ocean surface freely once more and enjoy the light of our suns, without fear,
This planet where we will live;

Whales of Proxima…
Our journey is finally over!

Image by AD_Images from Pixabay 


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