I Back

I back,
I’ve got a bed desk (and I thought I’d finished splashing on endless adaptations to maintain my peace),
Can now write from the blissful sanctuary of my bed, with my laptop,
With all the floor vibrations from constantly-stampeding housemates dampened out by the thick mattress;

I had a couple of months’ grace, from last August,
Once I’d turned my room into a ‘self-contained sanctuary’,
But then another lockdown,
Another two new stampy housemates,
And another lockdown,
Had an exacerbating effect and I’ve been writing less and less,
I’m no longer safe to sit at the computer;

But now I back,
With my ear plugs in and 35 dB-rated ear defenders,
Humidifier maintaining my skin sanity,
And the diffuser washing me in relaxing aromas,
Sitting on a cloud in my own peaceful bubble,

I can take my time again, write about what I want,
Record my most urgent thoughts and explore my imagination!
(And fully interact with other bloggers 🀀);

Fucking get in.


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