Instability Leads To Creation

In the beginning…
Space-time, energy and matter all came into existence,
Then rapidly expanded,
Uniformly and in all directions simultaneously;

Except, if it had been truly uniform then all forces would remain in perfect balance,
All mass-energy would remain stable in one state forever,
But it wasn’t uniform,
Because built into the most fundamental level of space-time was quantum uncertainty,
So on the tiniest of scales, things began lumpy,
And that was all that was needed,
The lumpiness was preserved as the universe exponentially expanded,
Physical laws did the rest as the galaxies of stars and planets formed around those seeds,
And sunlight shone upon new worlds unevenly;

Instability leads to creation.


12 thoughts on “Instability Leads To Creation

    1. Oh! Haha, yes exactlyβ€” it even applies to that! Of course, in the modern day instability now also carries the risk of humanity’s self-destruction, so there’s more risk involved. But historically, periods of increasing inequality and growing discontent usually resulted in fresh starts and improvements.

      Then of course it also applies on the personal levelβ€” unstable minds usually produce a lot of creativity :D.


    2. Basicallyβ€” nothing is formed from nothing. It always starts with some kind of inherent instability. I think it comes into the question of free willβ€” are our thoughts and therefore actions simply natural physical consequences of the physical states of our minds at any given time, or the other way around, or both? Our minds are inherently unstable because they are made of matter, which operates under quantum laws at the smallest level. So there could be some way in which natural instabilities in our minds are used as the seeds for new thoughtsβ€” not necessarily determining the exact thoughts, but creating the instability required for us to form a new thought amongst a multitude of possibilities. The specific thoughts which form are shaped by our previous choices. So we have an explanation for where original thoughts come from whilst still maintaining free will :).


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