Candles In An Expanding Universe

I don’t want to just shine a light on autism,
I want to ignite a supernova over it,

Maybe a type 1a supernova,
Since those are, after all…
The standard issue candles?


14 thoughts on “Candles In An Expanding Universe

    1. Cool! That wasn’t intentional as such but it is fitting :D. Was just a nerdy comment initially haha. Yeah I totally feel like that too. The things which are painful/stressful are more so, and the things which inspire awe and are amazing are tooβ€” it’s easy to get caught up in the romanticism of things as it seems so self-evident, childlike curiosity is still very much the default. And for me nothing else does that like thinking about the universe, or reading about human explorations of it!

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      1. Wow thank you! That’s really comforting. That’s something I’ve been really experiencing over the last few years with so much disruption in my life. And even before that, when I tried to make a living through computer programming, when really I’d rather be exploring the universe or helping people πŸ˜†, since they’re the only two things which feel of any value. And on top of everything else, the reading OCD was blocking me for several years up until now. Quite a trauma! The only way through it is practising engaging fully with the now :). Which is the healthiest way to live, anyway.

        I think autistic savants are the most extreme example of this kind of thingβ€” where someone is impelled to practice a specific thing so much that they naturally become a savant (like Mozart).

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