If It’s Boeing…

If it’s Boeing, I ain’t going…

Going Boeing, the final nail in my coffin…

Boeing Boeing, what the fuck were they thinking…!?

Documentary from 2014 about 787 Dreamliner issues and grounding.

Well this is criminalβ€” not only the two 737 Max crashes a couple of years ago, but also the fact that this was their second new plane type grounded globally within 7 years. The above documentary is really disturbing. It reveals the multiple dysfunctional aspects of the company and shows the terrible inevitability of what happened with the Max crashes, all because of arrogance and greed.

It’s sickeningβ€” former Boeing engineers purposefully avoiding flying on the Dreamliner. Then (as we know) it was the same thing later with the 737 Max! Whistleblowers too afraid to reveal their identities…what the hell!? Is it like the Mafia or something? That is absolute insanity.

Basically, the only conclusion you can draw from it all (without any exaggeration or hyperbole necessary) is that if you fly on a modern Boeing plane, you’re risking dying in a really stupid and criminally negligent way. Of course it’s still pretty unlikely (I guess?) but if it happens it will likely be from an easily-preventable cause and with no accountability afterwards. Oh and it’ll be needlessly drawn-out and horrifying 😐.

None of this is normal…it’s a massive reversal from the norm for airline safety and the usual meticulous design and procedures, incorporating lessons from the past. Boeing is undoing those lessons which were already bought in lives. 😠



19 thoughts on “If It’s Boeing…

      1. gli spostamenti oltre i confini diventeranno validi solo per le materie prime e le valute monetarie … quando potrai viaggiare considera il cavallo e la barca πŸ˜€

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      2. noooooo, I’m not good at quizzes !!!!! Ok, I’ll tell you a secret. Here in Brescia we are important manufacturers of many types of weapons (eg Beretta) and until a few years ago there was an important fair, the most important in Italy … knowing weapons and armaments is a bit in the city’s DNA.

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