Discontinuity 2

We watched and waited for something to happen,
With this big metallic lid,
Blotting out the sky;

For how long would we wait?
What on Earth would appear?
And surely if they were planning to simply destroy us…
They needn’t have come down this close?

Then again,
Perhaps the most effective method would be nanomachines,
(Particularly for selective eradication);
Perhaps they see us as the disease which we undoubtedly are,
Or maybe they’re not even interested in us?
We should be so arrogant!

And then a transparent bubble descended,
With, inside…something, three somethings, apparently,
For what words could possibly be sufficient to describe such a phenomenon,
Other than the most universally simple language of numbers?

Some movement…limbs, shimmering in the morning sun,
Four in total, surprisingly relatable,
Holy shit, this is happening,
A head and four limbs but not as arms and legs,
Seemingly alternating purposes as required,
That’s all I can make out from here;

The bubble capsule touched the ground,
They seemed happy to observe us, from four (eyes?) apiece,
Would they raise an arm, how would they acknowledge us?

Something began to protrude through the bubbleβ€”
Some kind of device, weapon, a probe?
Some more minutes passed of busy activity,
And then…the bubble seemingly dissolved,
And there they were,
Standing right there on the Earth.

Photo by Evgeniia Selishcheva on Unsplash


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