OCD Time-Warp

I look up, and it’s already Summer,
I look up again, and it’s already Winter,

I go out, it’s already getting darker,
I go out, it’s already getting lighter,

I’m surprised by how cold it is,
I’m surprised by how warm it is,

I truly feel like I’m in a time-warp,
When my days are dominated by battling with severe OCD,
And dissociative tics and nonsense thoughts,

It’s really fucked up for one who used to seize the day,
These days spent in survival mode,
Battling with myself and the environment,
It’s a lot to take.

But I will survive it,
And time will skew out once more,
I’ll experience it at its normal steady speed,
And this will be all behind me.

And I’ll be at peace with all the lost, fast-forwarded time,
Because I’ll realise how truly difficult it was.


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