Side Quests Upon Side Quests Upon…

Welcome back to my life,
I went back to the supermarket,
Got all my stuff…
πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Oh yeah, the card!
(A nested ‘oh yeah’ this timeβ€” “Oh yeah ‘Oh yeah, the card!!'”),

“Excuse me I left my card here the other day…”,

“…Oh we can’t check that until 8am”,

“Ah ok, sorry, I’ll have to leave this stuff here then”,

*disappoving face*
(YoU tHiNk YoU CaN jUsT WaLk In hErE…),

Riding back through the rain,
It had been a fun mission, anyway,
Although a typical expenditure of effort,
Avoidable and to no purpose 😏;

You seeβ€”
Force of habit means I have to run through a rigid checklist each time,
Before leaving…
When paying for things…
And any change to the routine messes me up,
Because I have to run through these checklists to avoid even greater, more frequent and more costly mistakes!

Γ€ la Air Crash Investigation;

This is not good enough young man!
Your lassez-faire attitude needs revising,
Woe betide anybody who thinks this is acceptable behaviour!!!

Pan-pan, Pan-pan…
273 souls onboard,
Go around…Go around!!!


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