All-Too-Familiar Sentiments And Methods

Blasts of loud sounds,
Electric shocks,
Experimental situations turned into “sadistic power plays”;

Damn those autistic kids,
Flapping about, screaming,
Hitting things, throwing things,

Not even when “subjected to decibel levels capable of causing physical damage to the ear drum”,
(Not even),
Were their behaviours ‘fixed’,
β€”Only made worse!

These crazy kids, not deemed to be reacting in a comprehensible way to the condescending actions being made towards them,
The patronising attempts at quelling their presumed ‘innate guilt’ by reassuring them that they are ‘not bad’, as a way to stop them from doing ‘self-injurious’ behaviours…

β€”Little snippets from among thousands from reading the Neurotribes book…

…But damn,
Why does so much of this feel so familiar??

Fearing for my life,
Tied to a bed,
Dangled into a bin,
Punched in the face

…Some images which automatically resurface πŸ˜†.

All families are weird…”,
Nobody gets along with their parents…” πŸ™„.


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