Bring Back Billy Backwater

Badmouthing, bragging,
Bone-breaking, bullying,
Backstabbing basketcases,
Burly bandits,

Broken backstreets,
Bitter backgrounds,
Barbershop bloodbaths,
Brutal battlegrounds;

Bungled burials, bleeding bodybags,
Barking beagles, burrowing beetles,

Bloated bodies becoming briny ballast,
Butchered bagmen buried beneath Brier’s Brow;

Brass-balled brothers,
Bison-boned bitches,
Backhanded backsliders,
Bespattered bathtubs!


Bring back Billy Backwater.


10 thoughts on “Bring Back Billy Backwater

    1. 😁 thank you!!

      I started that a very long time ago, back when I was doing these tautograms regularly… I got hung up on it through perfectionism πŸ˜…. There are many more amazing B-words which would’ve fit this one! Turns out it’s quite a dark region of the dictionary!! An absolute goldmine for some reason haha. Also there are simply a lot of B-words.

      More tautograms will be coming now, I’ve really missed that kind of creativity!

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