Torn Between Two Worlds

I can’t decide whether I want my hair long or short,
โ€”A privileged position, I know,

But also I can’t decide which side of myself I most relate toโ€”

The intense, determined, go-getting side,
Who likes things streamlined for efficiency,
Likes to keep moving,
Likes to count press-ups, the peculiar romance and exhilaration of living to a regiment,

And the calmer, more sensitive side,
Who enjoys feeling like a hippie,
Loves the extra freedom for expression in longer hair,
The softer looks and warmth it gives off;

The truth is I am both at the same time,
Always have been,
Connected with disparate and apparently-exclusive social groups,
Each giving me the opportunity to express the different sides;

It’s rare that I can express all of myself to any single person,
And it’s rare that I ever feel happy with just one style or another ๐Ÿ˜†;

Hence the endless questioning, and changingโ€”
But I value each equally, in its own right;

So, the answer isโ€”
To hell with what anybody (even myself) says,
For whichever I choose there are always people whom question it similarlyโ€”
Oh, but longer hair suits you better,
Oh but shorter hair does!

I can understand the confusion,
But either option is correct,
That’s the answer.

Until I go bald ๐Ÿ˜‰.

This also explains the range of my interests, musical tastes.


50 thoughts on “Torn Between Two Worlds

    1. Hahaha! It’s an idea :D. The thing is I avoid pretentious hairdressers and I love the honesty, simplicity and efficiency of Turkish barbers. I’m craving that feeling of sharpness I always got from them. They are so good at the style they do! And it’s so cheap. The one I was going to even used a flame to singe away loose hairs at the end ๐Ÿ˜†.

      I think the middle-ground is just to go back to short hair for 6 months/a year at a time, then randomly grow it long for a year then back to short, lol.

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    1. Exactly, haha, yeah, that’s where the potential for sentimentality lies :D. Nevertheless, that is quite a nice thing. I’ve decided to keep it long and I need to try having it cut at a good hair dresserโ€” I’ve found a great and affordable one here, so I know where to go now. At the very least I need to see how it is with a proper hair cutโ€” I’ve never had one with long hair before (other than going to a barber). I’m blessed with some good hair characteristics which are good for long hairโ€” thick, non-greasy and wavy.


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