Creative Moments

Anchors me back into reality;

When there are so many internal mental forces,
Dictating where my time goes,
β€”Once I’ve come out of one particular brain state,
Whether it’s anxious, unfocused, lethargic,

When trying to follow structure involves too many demands at the moment,
When lacking a structure leaves me feeling empty, once I can snap out of OCD,

(Finding some middle-ground was never my natural state),

At the end of all of thatβ€”
Creativity brings me back into reality;

There, I’ve created this,
It’s brought this moment significance,
I’ve fulfilled some of my long-standing desire,
I’ve put flesh on the bones of who I amβ€” reaching out to people positively;

Sure, this particular one isn’t some masterpiece,
It’s not an amazing work of creativity,
β€”But it’s a demonstration of the principle.

Where else could I go next?
Mars, Pluto, the next galaxy?
So many wondrous worlds already known,
Others not discovered yet,
Still more not yet created,
All lacking flesh on their bones.


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