Unheard Mind Podcast

I hinted at my podcast in a post the other day, but now I’m happy to share it with people!

I started Unheard Mind Podcast about 2 weeks ago, to talk about mental health. I’ve done a few short episodes so far and I’m enjoying it.

Here’s a link to the podcast home page (with links to all podcast platforms in the known universe :D):

Unheard Mind Podcast


26 thoughts on “Unheard Mind Podcast

    1. For hosting on Podbean I have to pay for a paid plan for that, which isn’t much but I’m just figuring out which is the best place to host my podcast, as I may change host because Podbean doesn’t have subscribe buttons for the various other platforms on my podcast home page πŸ˜†. Makes it difficult and confusing.

      When I say ‘host’ I mean the place I upload my recordings. The host then distributes to all the other platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify :).

      Anyway there are so many options so I’m just figuring out which is best for me, then I’ll pay for a plan and connect it up to Spotify. I’ll let you know when it’s available! πŸ˜€


  1. Ok! Let me start from here. I love the profound tone of your voice and British accent. Also, I do love the fact that you are recording these things hopefully to educate others about OCD, but also about yourself.

    You deserve the best in your life, shining star!

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