Bacteria Organics Water Life

Bacteria survive year on outside of International Space Station,
Bacteria survive three years exposed to vacuum of space!

…Yes, yes,
We can see where this is heading!

Bacteria survive ten years in space!
Bacteria found surviving at Apollo landing site!! OMGWTFBiscuit

Thousand-year-old bacteria found hibernating in space by Earth-orbiting chemistry lab!
…Remember those interstellar clouds with absorption wavelengths conspicuously similar to the molecular building blocks of life?

Organics are everywhere!
Water is everywhere!
Appropriate conditions
are everywhere!

For whatever reason,
The galaxy is rife with life,
Get used to it, folks,

But… but then what about the Fermi paradox?
Why aren’t they here already (aliens)?

Fuck knows,
I’m not sure we want to know the answer to that,
But we’re living in a Goldilocks Galaxy,
Life is everywhere!

The remaining question which I most want answered in my lifetime, isβ€”
Does all life have a common origin, or multiple?

If the second possibility were true then that would make it inevitable that other galaxies are full with life, too. Right? It wouldn’t be a one-off fluke for the Γ¦ons.

My interpretations/speculations could all be wrong, but it really feels we’re on the cusp of step one! Next stage in the post-Copernican dismantling of everything which made us special. And I want to cover it off, emphatically. So I can say I told you so. And now Venus is attracting attention when we’ve been looking at Mars and other places all along!ΒΉ Gotta say that Venus is one of my favourite planets for being so genuinely enigmatic and surprising. It’s the only planet for which I actually own a big hardcover book. And was the first thing I pointed my telescope to, so it would be romantic.

ΒΉ It’s always in the last place you look.


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