Origins 2

There is a new dawn coming,
As nightsides rotate into view,
Terminators creep over fractured landscapes,
Frozen oceans glint in new sunlight,
Watery depths begin a million-years thawing,
The weight of their scarred ice crusts, slowly lifting,

There’s a new dawn coming,
I can feel it,
Any day, now,
New life may be disinterred,
On any of so many of these biological worlds,
As they continually surprise us,
As much as does life itself,
Drifting patiently, through interstellar spaces,
To rain onto these fertile worlds,

We were never alone,
Never will be alone,
These worlds were never ours,
But we can belong,

We can belong to something greater than ourselves.

Image byΒ JCK5DΒ fromΒ Pixabay


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