A Satisfying Observation

German engineering,
German directness,
It’s no coincidence, right?

The no-nonsense confidence and impatience,
To say what needs to be said,
Total disdain for bullshit and procrastination,

No pussy-footing around,
When curt and simple will do,
Analytical and pragmatic, often,
It’s something to aspire to!

Hey I have a Germanic name!
Meaning famed, bright, shining πŸ™„.


8 thoughts on “A Satisfying Observation

    1. Well, not always. I take issue with that statement/opinion, lol. I totally see it, that for sure it takes more thinking sometimes. I’ve seen that apparent in maths/physics/computer programming/engineering. However you can definitely find examples where simpler solutions also come from simpler thinking!

      So, trying to apply that simple viewpoint itself too generally is a form of unnecessary complexity!

      My head hurts now πŸ˜†.

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