OCD And Environments

Stability of mood,
Minimising rapid shifts,
They’re crucial ingredients,
For recovering from OCD,

It’s crucial to have a calm environment,
No sudden, no hidden surprises,

This does not mean, an immaculate environment,
With every little thing under your control,

But emotional stresses, arising from your particular quirks,
They need to be taken into account;

Some of these adaptations may be within our control,
But, for others,
We need understanding and support.

That, for meβ€” emphasising the importance of emotional stressesβ€” is what explains why outdoor environments and having things out of my control, is completely fine and even much preferable. It’s just the case that there are more potential stresses in indoor environments and especially within urban environments. Especially for me, who overheats easily and hates perfect climate-controlled houses and offices and other public spaces! And craves novelty.

I even resent sometimes the feeling that I have to strive for all of these indoor adaptations, sound isolation etc. Because I’d just be much more at home sleeping on a mountain!


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