Distraction Is An Opportunity For OCD

Distractions can be open invitations,
Allowing OCD in and to strengthen,

Distractions can be soothing mechanisms,
In response to anxiety-compulsion sessions;

I am doing a lot of either,
And it seems, to me,
That one also leads to the other!
In both directions;

But, I also have the body tics,
And they rob me of so much energy and motivation;
Distractions are great ways to disengage from them,
Yet, they are also triggered by losing ground,
Through impulsive self-soothing distractions,
(Such asβ€” practising David Attenborough impressions πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ),

Now that I have a safe environment to work in,
I’ll have to practise staying focused on one thing at a time again.


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