Sycophant In The Room

OCD, you cannot win,
For you underestimated,
My determination,

You taketh,
And you depriveth,
You stoleth,
And you barefaced-liedeth,

Noo get tae fook ya wee fanneh.


15 thoughts on “Sycophant In The Room

  1. I’m in a love hate with my OCD. I hate the obsessing and over thinking but love the compulsing since it’s usually cleaning or organizing. I started a med yesterday that is suppose to help but kinda don’t want to….

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    1. Maybe the cleaning/organising is more of perfectionism? For me, I have perfectionism about some things like that, a perfectionist personality for sure. But the things for me which are OCD aren’t necessarily those, so I don’t feel any dread or panic about needing to clean something. So cleaning/tidying isn’t stressful for me, just really satisfying. Unless Just Right OCD is attacking me at the same time, or some other OCD obsession.

      I guess what you call OCD and what you call perfectionism comes down to how much time or stress is involved in the thing, as well as the thinking process behind it.

      Are you familiar with OCDP? What’s the medication you’ve started?

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      1. Hmmm…I never thought of that! I’m not too sure I fall into a perfectionist role though. I have never heard of OCDP ima go research it.

        They gave me a SSRI and beta blocker

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      2. Cool :). Yeah OCDP is quite interesting to compare to OCD.

        Well, I have a lot of comments about medication. Firstly, I definitely recommend trying the medication for OCD. The medication I am taking (also SSRI) really helps a lot, it’s like night and day, now that I’ve figured out how to get it to work consistently.

        What dose did they give you? I found that consistency of mood is really important for battling OCDβ€” because if you have an extended low period, it can get you in a rut. So I totally recommend breaking the dose up over each 24 hours. I’m taking 100mg and if I take it all in one go, then by 24 hours later I’m feeling really anxious. But taking 50mg every 12 hours is working 100% better. Also good nutrition and keeping busy seem to really boost its effectiveness. Like it rewards you for getting up out of a depressive rut. Anyways, I hope it helps you!

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      3. Yes my SSRI is for my depression and OCD it’s 10mg and has made a huge difference already! I have the beta blocker for my anxiety and insomnia and a benzo .5 mg for panic attacks. I also use high CBD low THC for my appetite and pain.

        I was medicated 30 years ago but went off in my 30s. I have been hardcore against pills, because I’m a recovered pill addict. But I have something this time I didn’t before. God, My ginormous support team and growth. I’m confident if I follow my shrinks recommends I will be able continue with only the SSRI in a few monthsπŸ™πŸΌ


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