Goodbye, Than

Rest In Peace,
The word ‘than’,
And how much longer,
Before you’re officially outdated?

I saw the warning signs,
Early on,
Back in the beginnings of the internet,

I saw the warning signs,
Early on,
When it was still but an inconsequential blunder,

But then I noticed…
The gathering momentum,
Usage slipped from blunder towards intention,
And we’d crossed a key milestone,
On the road to language change;

I fear the next is coming,
When critical mass usage is reached,
…And how much longer,
Before than is lost forever?


7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Than

      1. Because the dyslexic kind of brain wiring tends to emphasise the phonetic sounds of words over the symbols used for them. Which is fair enough, but it’s just interesting and bemusing to watch the errors spread, as e.g. foreign language speakers or younger people (or anybody but probably especially those) pick up the incorrect spellings without realising.


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