Lifecycle Of Rumination

Is like the fate of somebody spiraling into a black hole,

At first, you can orbit safely,
Moving through a loose cloud of orbital debris,
But all of that crap starts to become a drag,
As with each looping orbit,
You move only faster,
Dropping ever-closer and closer…

And as your speed increases,
So does resistance,
You’ll fall inwards exponentially faster,
Whilst becoming hotter and hotter and more frustrated,

And if you keep it up you’ll reach the event horizon,
Beyond which no light or rational existence exists,
Where not even General Relativity can reconcile everything,
And this close to the black hole, tidal forces are exaggerated,
You’ll become so stretched out as your world compresses and nothing happens anymore,
Whilst from the outside… you’ll appear to be caught in an infinite, slowing infall,
Tediously smeared out into a darker and darker, redder and redder streak of shit,
Around a black hole,
The end πŸ˜„.



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