An Interstellar Cloud

He was an interstellar cloud diffuse and nebulous,
Primordial, pre-formed,
With complex chemistry and infused potential,

Within his spaces, containing traces,
Of those which had shone before him,
Yet, unique in chemical make-up,
He shone with his own enigmatic colours;

Slowly, with help from outside influences,
Coming together under his own gravity,
He swirled faster and faster,
As his loose form began to take shape;

He brightened, as,
A family of planets were spun from his swirling disc,
Each with their own unique traits,

There were Mercury and Venus,
Then flamboyant Earth…
Mars, old before his time,
With hidden secrets just beneath the surface,

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune,
Exerted their influence upon the rest of the system,
Older siblings whom had cleared the path,
And helped to shape what would become,

Pluto, with her multifarious sisters,
Lay almost out of reach in the distant cold;
Experienced in sparsity and cosmic void,
They beamed their love back to ol’ planet Earth’;

It was a grand design,
Which lasted for some time,
Moving through space in solitude and harmony,

But there was a perturbation,
A gravitational disturbance,
Making itself known at the speed of light…

Photo by PaweΕ‚ CzerwiΕ„ski on Unsplash


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