The 2012 That Never Happened

2020 is the 2012 that never happened,
It’s completely fucked up,
And I’d like to get off please!

Oh my god,
It’s such a depressing year,
Oh my god,
Can we just get it over with?

It’s going so slowly,
Are we nearly there yet?
I can’t wait for 2021,
Do you ‘member the good times?

Oh my god,
My glass is almost dry,
It’s very nearly empty,
That’s how pessimistic I am,

Oh my god,
This is going to be the year when the dinosaur-killer hits,
I wouldn’t be surprised!
I just want to die;

I’m sipping indulgently from a stagnant watering hole of pessimism,
As crocodiles of harsh realities snap at myβ€”



5 thoughts on “The 2012 That Never Happened

    1. Haha xD. Ok, that was funnier before I googled it trying to find exactly the same one you described! Now I have over-used meme fatigue 😩. Also I’m slightly worried that you’re referring to the American The Office, which isn’t a valid The Office πŸ™„.


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