Not Again

The horse clip-clopped along the silent boulevard,
Those echoing footsteps, heralding news…

Soon the street was lined with an expectant crowd,
As the rider unsaddled,
Climbed down to the ground,

“I’ll get right to itβ€”
I’m afraid… it’s bad news”,

A murmur spread throughout the crowd,
Civility began to disintegrate,
As expectancy turned toward desperation,
“Surely not! You must be mistaken!?”,

“He’s won another term,
He’s won the election,
We are fucked,
All across the alien nation”,

And with that,
The pent-up tension and swells of anger,
Were unleashed,
As mothers sobbed and fathers ragedβ€”
“Fuck, fuck, how has this happened?”,

It may as well have been news of a nuclear attack,
(Which, of course, would come later),
…And that was how, with each successive term,
We were swallowed up deeper,
Into desolation ☹️.


4 thoughts on “Not Again

    1. Thanks Cassa! It really felt like the perfect picture πŸ˜„, then I made it black and white.

      Serious but it’s all supposed to be in good faith and dark humour 😁.

      Liked by 1 person

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