The Shadow Of Dread

What does somatic OCD,
Combined with Just Right OCD,

It meansβ€”

No, you’re not supposed to tell them!
Jesus Christ,
You can’t tell anybody!!

It’s our little secret slice of crazy pie!

It means blowing your nose on repeat!

It hurtsss usss!

It means being overly aware of the ‘snottiness’ or not of your nose,
But, never being satisfied with having blown it once,
(Because of a gnawing sense of unfinished-ness),
You blow it again,

Noooooo pppleaaaassseee!

And again!
…And again!
Feeling like a total twat,
Every time,
But being unable to resist,
Because of the urgent shadow of dread,

I’ve a new habit, now,
β€”When I start to get into a loop like that,
I try to remember to stop,
And do 20 repetitions of some weights exercise,
…To squeeze the demon out,

Go carona, go!


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