I am recovering,
From family interaction,

And depression,
Instigated by the environment;

I’m taking control of my environment,
By isolating myself to my room,
And becoming self-sufficient,
From the rest of the house,

Yes, that means a more-limited diet,
But I could take no pleasure, in cooking anyway,
And with a fridge and a microwave,
There is plenty of variety;

I survived for eight months of last year,
In my car,
With only a jetboil stove,
And a bunch of dried food,

Now, I have a whole room to play with,
More fresh food,
And more possibilities;

I only have to leave to use the bathroom,
(And even for thatβ€” there is a solution!),
Which means,
Oh god, it means…
I don’t have to worry anymore about cleaning up after them,
Oh god it’s been such a weight lifted off me!

The rest of the house…
Is turning to absolute shit,
But it is no longer,
Any of my responsibility!

I’ve a little plant, here in my room,
They are so cheap,
I will collect more!

Yes, I’m becoming…
The crazy plant man,
But whatever it takes,
I aim to survive;

I’m recovering from recent family interaction,
And subsequent loss of self,
I’m starting to feel again…
More emotionally independent;

I’m getting closer to my original aims for writing,
And perhaps, too,
More colourful creativity.


6 thoughts on “Rediscovering

    1. Thanks Charmer :). No, it won’t be, and that allows me to survive it. It really is becoming a safe haven. It’s taking such a weight off to not have to worry about going out there. And some dumbbells I now have are really helping.

      Getting plants has been such a good idea, though! With my humidifier and the snake plant that I have, it’s starting to feel like a wee rainforest! πŸ˜€

      And now I’m planning to go to Ikea next week and get some more plants :). It’s a fun project!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It is :). I can focus only on improving my environment even more, and it’s a lot easier to relax.


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