The Four-Headed Monster

It’s got foouur heads!
Why has it got four heads!!? 😫
Grandad!? I’m scared!

It’s the four-headed monster…
Of Devil’s Homestead!

The wat?

Legend has it that four monsters,
(Each representing one of the fundamental terrors of humankind),
Merged into one ultimately hideous, abominable creature,
Nobody has ever seen it,
And lived to tell the tale…

Oh my shitβ€”

Oh my fucking shit indeed,

What do we do!?



2 thoughts on “The Four-Headed Monster

    1. Hey, sorry I didn’t! Another free stock photo :). I try to give credit but the various sites don’t make it equally easy. When they give me a line I can copy to clipboard then I include it xD. But they don’t require credit anyways.

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