Police Or Not?

Serious questionβ€”
I have a housemate who’s trying to break into my room,
Do I phone the police?

He’s been knocking on my window and door for the last hour,
And he keeps trying the door handle even though it’s obviously locked,

Usually, he’s locked out of the house,
So I have no idea why he’s knocking on my door,
But I decided long ago to ignore him,
Since he keeps doing it!

I’ve blocked him out with ear phones and defenders,
And I’m playing music and weight-training,
β€”May as well be prepared, right? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

The psychiatrist has finished her letter and I’ve asked for an appointment with their psychotherapist, since it’s getting critical now. And I really need the weight of a professional person who sees how the environment is affecting me, behind me.

Ok, I’ve discovered why my housemate was trying to wake me up and break into my room. The postman put some parcels through the window, which fall down behind the curtain and sit on my piano. So he could see his parcel in my room through the window. And of course, he was so desperate and selfish he’d rather persist for an hour to try to wake me up, than just wait! I still cannot believe how long he persists for in trying to wake me up…

I’m also not going to ‘notice’ the parcels for a while, and leave his parcel in the living room later on. Next time I will phone the police for sure.


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