Day 1,314

Scientists are still working on a vaccine,
But with the collapse of society and public infrastructure,
I am not sure how it would be distributed;

I had hoped that we’d finally learnt all the lessons,
That we’d do better this time,
Especially because this virus took no prisoners,
And even the young were killed off in droves (thank fuck);

We are socially-distanced now through circumstance,
Surviving the best we can,
As it becomes harder to believe, each passing day,
That we’ll ever find a vaccine,
For SARS-CoV-3 😜.

How many billions more must die of COVID-20? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


8 thoughts on “Day 1,314

  1. It is just a little but worrying isn’t it. Maybe like me you have seen too many science fantasy movies and feared that some scenarios could come true.
    It does really worry me that with all that is going on, Covid-19, Climate Change, government corruption on an unprecedented scale and more, we could easily be close to the end of the world as we know it.

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    1. Haha, unfortunately you don’t even have to look to fiction to find reasons to be worried! The real life fact is strange and worrying enough. Pandemics are coming around a little too quickly, but the speed of climate change is terrifying.

      So yeah, definitely everything could go downhill very quickly! It’s an existential crisis I’ve been dealing with for quite a while. But it doesn’t really change anything for me in the present, as I just want to help people at the end of the day. I mean, it’s good to set your expectations low, whilst remaining optimistic! I don’t have any hopes for any kind of stability until my old age, but I may as well enjoy some dark humour :).


      1. Each country individually has to take responsibility for reducing the circumstances in which viruses can cross from animals into humans, which means everybody cooperating, and it’s scary that it only takes one country having bad practices to put the whole world at risk.


    1. I seriously never heard about ‘anti-vaxxers’ until this year. At least, when I’d heard of it, I’d assumed it was a tiny amount of people not worth worrying about. In my head I’m still living in a time when that’s just not even a question. You go and get your vaccinations and certain ages, then if you travel you get more, etc, and that’s it!

      The reasons to keep to myself just increase by the day πŸ˜†.

      At least it creates a natural selection pressure against stupidity :), so hopefully it’s a self-limiting disease!

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      1. And it does still count even when somebody’s already had kids, because you influence how stupid your kids and grandkids are, and have a part in helping them to thrive (or not). So, if you’re a dumbass, your descendants are worse off overall, and on evolution timescales it can be a significant effect.


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