I am pure existence,
Merely slogging through an interstitionary phase,
Extended and extended, as it’s been,
Through combinations of circumstances,

Antidepressants help to keep me going,
Stop me from going crazy,
And allow me to do at least some things,
Such as this,
But it’s a surreal time;

The dosage will need increasing again,
Once this one loses effectiveness,
Like a life-jacket with a limited life-span,
Slowing losing air,

Then, having reached maximum dosage,
The medication type will need to be changed,
Which, hopefully,
Won’t wreak havoc with my brain!

What a surreal time,
Simply making it through each day alive,
With pharmacological intervention, making up forβ€”
Continuing external circumstances,
And the shortfalls of those around me;

Will I ever make it,
To the busy shipping lane?

I continue to chart my course,
Finding new ways to do things,
But all I can do is wait,
So that my story may be told.

Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels


8 thoughts on “Existence

    1. Yeah. I just don’t like the thought of not experiencing taking Sertraline whilst in a good environment. I look forward to trying out antidepressants in a good environment, where the benefits aren’t being undone so much.

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