Air Crash Investigation Classics

The plane was shaking violently,
And when I looked out of the window,
I could see that we were coming in way too fast;

The actual touchdown wasn’t too hard,
It just felt like a hard landing,
We bounced a little,
β€”Nothing to worry about;

The plane started slowing,
Everybody started clapping,
We were all so relieved…
To be home and dry,
I even stood up in my seat, decided to jinx it,
Inflated my lifejacket,
Turned around, and screamedβ€”
We’ve fucking made it!
We’ve done it! We’ve done it!
Great job everybody!!

And that was when

The loose the hell broke,
Brokereded was all hell,
Hell broke all the dedded loose,
fjdklsfjk fdjklsf jdsklfjdlks sdlkf

…And the plane wasn’t slowing!

(Barry McDickhead, who wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, was the sole survivor of this deadly crash after he was thrown from the wreckage and escaped the subsequent post-crash fire. He later went on to father four children).


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