Unparalleled Universes

I’ve forgotten what it’s like,
To write about what I want to write about,
To let my mind wander,
And turn it into stories;

But I’m getting hints of the feelings I had,
Even if briefly,
And I just know it…
Will all come flooding back and more;

There are whole universes of creation,
Bursting at the seams,
Untold histories and unseen wonders,
Dying to be told,
And brought into being;

Now I remember how it all happened.

Tell me more,


11 thoughts on “Unparalleled Universes

    1. Cool! :). That’s great.

      I don’t want to give the wrong impression, though. Whilst I am slightly more free now, I’m also referring to the freedom which I don’t even know yet, which I’ll attain when I’m in a good environment. So it’s hopeful but also yearning, requesting.

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  1. “I’ve forgotten what it’s like,
    To write about what I want to write about,”
    Dayum Robin.
    How do you always end up writing what I’m feeling or going through at almost always perfect time?

    Sucha a simple, gorgeous and relatable piece. πŸ’œ

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    1. Hey Megha,

      Hahaha, that’s amazing. Though I’m sorry you’ve been struggling! It really helps knowing somebody could relate to what I said, it gives it all more meaning to have had those problems.

      I guess it must be coincidence!

      I hope you are doing ok. πŸ’™


    2. I really really appreciate the comments and good words about the writing!


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