Buckinghamshire Cycle Paths

I think,
(And only have sex with people whom are not underage nor sex-trafficked),
Therefore I am,

Not Prince Andrew.


16 thoughts on “Buckinghamshire Cycle Paths

      1. The Truth will never be revealed and Ghislaine Maxwell will be released or strangely die.

        Trump’s Warm or Warning Words for Ghislaine Maxwell: β€˜I Just Wish Her Well’.


        Sounds like a subtle threat to me!

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      2. Haha, who knows. I make no attempt to understand those people!

        Yeah it’ll be interesting to see what happens, anyway. But yeah whatever it is it will be corrupt, for sure!

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  1. Dude… Ghislaine Maxwell has the power to bring down a lot of famous and wealthy men. Let’s hope she doesn’t get shanked before she can spill the beans…

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    1. Haha, I feel like these things are just too normal these days to be surprising. You may as well just take it for granted and assume that all shifty politicians, royals, CEOs etc are fucking people they shouldn’t or stealing from the public, etc.

      I just listened to a podcast yesterday about the ‘dark triad’ of psychological traits and people with machiavellian tendencies. The good thing is that narcissists never win, cos their friends always try to save themselves first :).

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    2. It would be absolutely hilarious to see what would happen if prince andrew was found definitely guilty of this, though. And with Prince Harry leaving, they may as well just get rid of the whole thing haha.

      I mean he’d have to go to jail or the protests would be ridiculous. The softest ever jail of course, but it’d be great to see anyway. Innocent until interviewed by Emily Maitlis xD.


      1. He’d never go to jail. Ever. He’s a member of the oldest monarchy on earth. I’m also pretty sure there are a lot of bad wrongdoings in that family tree and he’s just one of them. They are… untouchable, sadly.

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      2. A lot of people will say that but with the amount of mobility people have these days, to raise awareness and protest, and you could say that the recent protests have activated people even more, well… the reaction would be tremendous, wouldn’t it?


      3. I’m not saying people wouldn’t protest. I’m just suggesting that nothing will ever happen to him. I guarantee the monarchy is working behind the scenes to pay off who they need to pay off to make this go away as quickly as possible.

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      4. Yeah, I mean I totally agree with you. I was just hopeful that the protests would just continue until something WAS done. Because you could force the hand by holding the economy to ransom. But just writing that out feels kind of preposterous, lol. I think people would give up before reaching that point over a fat middle aged prick xD.

        So yeah, you’re right, they’re def paying people off πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ. That interview was so bad it gave the world coronavirus.


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