Major Trauma/Journey Through The Emergency Department

Doctor, doctor,
My legs have fallen off!

Salus two-one,
We’re bringing in a code blue Joe, code blue Joe,

Copy that, Salus,
Code blue Joe!
You may land on any runwayβ€”
Uhh, I mean…
Any ambulance space… yeahβ€”

Big Bird Blue,
Get off the damn airways,

We need to stem the bleeding,
He’s going into cardiac arrest!

Stand by…

I feel a pulseβ€”

Ok, let’s dump him,

Just wait right here,
Somebody will be along to speak to you shortly,

Wait, what!!?
Will be along shortly to speak to me?
Or will speak to me shortly!?!?

All must get in line, sir,
Don’t worry… it shouldn’t be too long 😈,

And then what!!??

A doctor or nurse will do some more checks to find out how to treat your injury,

And then what!!?

More waiting,
β€”We may need to find out more about your illness or injury,

And then!!??

A little more waiting,
You may have to wait while we decide on the best treatment,

Don’t leave me here!!!

It won’t be long, sir,
It won’t be long…

Waiting in emergency department on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning)


11 thoughts on “Major Trauma/Journey Through The Emergency Department

  1. One of the major hospitals in my city has essentially a psych hallway in emerg. If they think you’re mildly to moderately crazy, you get plunked down in a chair in the hallway. If you come in for something other than being crazy, they assure you that no, you belong in the crazy hallway, because your crazy warrants has a higher ranking triage code than your legs that fell off.

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      1. Lol, was just checking my understanding! πŸ˜„.

        So that means when you finally get to see someone, they have to ask youβ€”

        “Ok, so are you CRAY cray, or just cray? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰”

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      2. When I was there there was someone genuinely cray cray and having hallucinations. They were in a bed with curtains drawn around with a nurse or two in there, so I was just hearing disembodied screams and shouts. Was very distressing for the sound and to hear such distress! I had to go and wait outside in a hurry with my ear defenders on. (It was already stressful and nauseating through the defenders!). I thought it was a good demonstration of my noise and emotional sensitivity :).

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    1. Fucking forever. If you go at a quiet time in the middle of the night… few hours? I spent 5 hours in one in the middle of the night in a small town in the corner of the country, this time last year. Although actually that was because an on-call psychologist had to wake up, get dressed and come to the hospital πŸ˜†.

      In the middle of the day… 4 hours upwards with no limit. If you went at a busy time you’d easily spend 10 hours there.

      Turned out my guess of 4 hours was not too bad, that’s actually the target:

      “Less than three-quarters (74.5%) of people who sought care at A&E unit in England in October were treated and then discharged, admitted or transferred within four hours – the smallest proportion since the target was introduced in 2004.”

      Hope that’s not another rabbit hole, lol. It’s not unknown for people to die of waiting in A&E departments.


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