Major Black Swannage

November 2020,
A highly-fertile flock of black swans has crash-landed shortly after take-off in Hubei Province, China;

Not long afterwards, black swan ducklings begin to hatch,
And just as they reach full plumage…

New Year leads to increased global travel,
As friends and family members reunite to celebrate;

Within two weeks,
A SARS-like virus which is highly infectious amongst humans,
And remains dormant for around 2 weeks before symptoms are apparent,
Makes itself known to the world as China reports its first death;

Just a week after that,
Chinese New Year leads to a frenzy of worldwide air travel,
With billions of extra trips being made;

And, in Wuhan,
A neighbourhood banquet is attended by 40 thousand families;

Rumour has it…
That to announce bad news within this period of New Year festivities,
Means that you will be cursed with bad luck for the rest of the year;

A highly-oppressive government,
Which diligently monitors communications amongst its citizens,
Works hard to silence doctors who try to get the word out.

It’s a sequence which would make any air accident investigator smile wryly,
And then cry.


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