Real Persistence

Virus pandemic?
What pandemic?
It’s barely touched me,
Been the least of my worries;

What an irony,
Whilst others discover these mental health struggles anew,
Of having structure and social contact torn away,
For me it’s just more of the same,
With my main worry much greater than a measly pandemic,
That’s easy;

A pandemic is not even second on my list,
How ironic!

For I,
Am not only physically alone,
But I also cannot improve my cooking skills,
I cannot indulge in hours in the kitchen,
When it’s something which I love and would help me so much,
Would use up a good deal of my daily energy,
And be good for my weak knees;
I cannot do these things,
Trapped in my room,
Sheltering from housemates and the noise,
Living on the edge,
Tip-toeing around,
Waking up screaming!

Car life stresses, only replaced,
By housemate stresses,
And street noises;
I have a headache, from screaming today,
I could not help it,
I’m melting down;

I have it rough!
Show them all what real persistence is!

If I finally get a place of my own,
If I finally find myself in a situation where I can relax,
And move forwards, and do normal things again,

If I finally obtain that,
I have pre-decided…
I am having a year off;

But, but,
You can’t…
I am having a year off.


2 thoughts on “Real Persistence

  1. I remember reading something that said that now people understand what it’s like to live with an anxiety disorder because that’s how people with anxiety disorders felt even before the pandemic.

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    1. Yeah :). That will definitely be true for some people, probably a good amount. Of course we see pandemic anxiety on a wide spectrum… πŸ˜…

      But yeah, that’s got to be a silver lining there. Though it increases demand for mental health services even more… πŸ˜†. More people will learn the reality that asking for help is just the first hurdle.

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