Shifting Torments

It has a big effect,
Missing taking the Sertraline medication,
By even a few hours;

It needs to be taken every 24 hours,
Or the effects are felt very quickly;

I struggle to take it consistently,
β€”This is another side-effect of the hoops I have to jump through,
To avoid the stressful housemates,
And of my erratic sleeping pattern,
And ever-shifting circadian rhythm;

Having to keep the curtains closed,
Is an effective way to keep the rhythm flexible,
As are stress and anxiety,
(Also increased by lack of sunlight);

Even when I cut short my sleep to get back on track,
It’s never worth it as I suffer greatly from that,
My mood drops and anxiety increases,
Then I lack the energy to do exercise,
Sleep is everything;

When I miss the medication by a few hours,
Rage surges easily,
Undissipated energy is bursting from the seams,
And the pleasure and relief felt in screaming my lungs out,
Explain such reactions;

But don’t be fooled,
The medication helps me greatly,
When I can take it properly;

Of course,
Medication will never overcome environmental problems,
And is effectively cancelled out by such;
It’s able to help me because I’m going to great lengths to make the environment my ownβ€”
I now have a fridge and microwave in my room,
And I’m going to get a small table,
These things are helping me hugely;

I’ve just had a video call with a friend,
Forgetting to take Sertraline first,
Because OCD had put me in a rush πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ,

But anyways, I’ve taken it now,
I’ll feel ok again soon!


4 thoughts on “Shifting Torments

    1. Thanks Anna! :). Yeah, you’re right, it does seem to be especially useful for most people with OCD. In combination with getting outside and getting exercise it’s especially helpful. It’s usually taken at higher doses for OCD than I’m taking it, though. Which is kind of a reflection of the severity of OCD as an anxiety disorder xD.

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