Monsters Out Of Sight

Anxious thoughts,
Anxious thoughts,
Obsessive irritability and
Body tics,

Anxious thoughts,
Anxious thoughts,
Courageously getting out of it;
I’ll play a computer game,
Then I’ll go outside,
But the relentless floorboard creaking today,
Has finally got to me,
It’s making me jump,
I can’t tell what’s ‘real’ and not,
Because I’m creeping my way around,
Black Mesa Research Facility,
I actually want to be on high alert,
But then the ceiling creaking seeps through the headphones,
And it makes me spin and jump!

I come out of the game,
Put the earphones in instead,
Then put on my new ear defenders,
It’s become a military operation;

So I go back in the game,
But then the other housemate,
Is stampeding again,
Everything’s shaking again,

Now I’m going to go back in,
And kill everything to death!!!!


10 thoughts on “Monsters Out Of Sight

    1. So if I put sponge squares under the table legs and the stool and my feet, that might help πŸ˜†


      1. It doesn’t happen that often, actually. Just that when it does it’s very jarring, especially when combined with the floorboards. It wouldn’t really work, because the same properties which would absorb the vibrations (softness) would also make everything really wobbly πŸ˜†.


    1. Haha!

      That was pretty good, certainly uplifting! Good to connect with somebody else from the 80s :D. Thanks!


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