Tremors is one of those movies so bad,
That it becomes hilarious and legendary,

Tremors is one of those movies so bad,
That you watch it with friends to take shots when some pre-defined ridiculous event happens;

One of the best (and inexplicable) things about Tremors,
Is that, somehow, incrediblyΒΉ,
They’ve squeezed out of it seven movies,
Like a juiced-out lemon which refuses to die;

Tremors are also something I’m feeling right now,
And my mind is conjuring up potential sourcesβ€”
Rare European megaquake,
Early-warning of a distant meteorite impact somewhere on the Earth,
Plane crash,
Train derailment,
Large snakelike creature infesting the Earth,

Yet, Occam’s Razor tells me,
The ugly and mundane reality,
β€”It’s just a housemate terrorising the hallway;

Damn, that guy would stand no chance,
In a ClaymoreΒ²-strewn battlefield…

ΒΉ The latest of which I was just now amazed to discover has been announced only this year!

Β² The explosive kind.


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