Midnight Road Trip

Oh it’s a beautiful night,
A beautiful night,
Oh it’s a beautiful night,
To be buried alive, alright!

Oh it’s a beautiful night…

Anybody have any song suggestions?
Come on, guys,
At least sing along with me!

Oh, well,
There’s not far to go now, anyways,
And I know just the spot,
Nice and secluded :);

I bet you didn’t imagine that you’d ever be doing this on a Saturday night?
Right, guys?
What a way to finish!

You guys are all cold as f**k!
Terrible at conversation,
Just as bad as you were at communal living,

Hey, imagine if we got stopped by police now,
That’d be a rather long and windy explanation,
Wouldn’t it?

“Oh, hello officer.
Just out on a nice midnight road trip with me pals!”

“Sorry, they’re not great talkers,
Never have been,
Should’ve heard them back when we set out, though…
Kicking up a terrible racket!
I think the long journey’s done them all in!!”

“Ah, yes officerβ€” this is all original interior decor,
Midnight red,
One of a kind ;),

Ok, guys!
We are here!
Welcome to your new fate grave home 😁.


6 thoughts on “Midnight Road Trip

    1. Haha :), thanks! I’m not really interesting in writing extended dark things actually. I wouldn’t want to write anything truly dark, and these little ideas only fit into something short.

      If I wrote an actual horror story it would be based around horror of the unknownβ€” like science fiction horror, rather than humans just being humans as always.


    1. Quadruple!! One in each passenger seat πŸ˜„. That’s what I secretly needed to raise the funds for… πŸ™„. Joking!

      Liked by 1 person

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