WHY is it always the worst possible time when I desperately need to hear a friendly voice or see a friendly face?

Whenever I’m in an absolute crisis point,

There’s never anybody around, every time.

18 thoughts on “Why

      1. Hahaha! But laughter is always helpful :D. Maybe that’s just an introvert/extrovert thing or something!


      2. I don’t think it’s a binary thing actually. I think I’m 70% extrovert and 30% introvert. My guess is you are more extrovert.

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      3. Yes! I know what you mean. I adapt to some extent to the people around me. I can enjoy being with either introverts or extroverts, in different ways, for sure :). I’ve actually never believed in the whole distinction for a long time, because I feel so much in the middle and flexible.

        But when I talk to people who truly find it draining to socialise, then I see the clear distinction! It takes a long time to reach my limit where I find it draining, lol. Otherwise it’s pure energising.

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      4. A true chameleon.
        One has to be in this day and age. We wear different masks for different people and allow society, or the crowd, dictate our responses.

        I try to be the same across the board but I find it gets me in trouble often. Conformity is key.
        Luckily, I have plenty of energy.


    1. Hi thank you :). This was yesterday btw. I re-published it after putting it back into drafts earlier, but the date updated to now. I had to fix it. Anyway, that’s not my state now. πŸ’™

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