Overview Of My Situation

I’m writing all of this down here so I can quickly explain to people what’s going on, and for myself to refer back to in urgent situations and to help to keep my head clear and focused on the situation.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Application β€” for people with disabilities
Needs to be re-started. I will begin the process once I have done the private autism and OCD assessments.

I have had a brief email conversation with somebody from Psychiatry UK about arranging autism and OCD assessments. Their reply was:

“Hi Robin, hope you are well. Nice to hear from you. Glad you felt able to reach out about this.

I have copied our excellent admin support team into this email as they will be able to advise you on the right course of action with this. We have some amazing Consultants who specialises in the clinical areas you have mentioned so I am sure they can help you with the next steps.”

My family have agreed to pay for private assessments. My brother also replied back to say that he was making effort to learn about himself and get help he needs etc. which was very reassuring to me. He also recently expressed (through my younger brother) that he wants to help me, and I now feel comfortable with letting him help. This will be a huge benefit to me.

I have emailed the council tenancy sustainment officer to let them know that my housemates are leaving the backdoor open 24/7, day and night and in all weathers. I don’t know why. And that I cannot take being here anymore.

I have also started copying my older brother into all emails such as these. This will give much more accountability to the people I have to interact with in these systems, as well as to show other people just what I am dealing with.

I have forwarded 2 previous email chains with the council to my brother.

Universal Credit
I need to convince them to increase my housing allowance to allow me to be relocated by the council into my own place. This involves convincing them of the medical need, since I am under 35. A key part of that is getting awarded the PIP benefit.

Mental Health
I did a lot of screaming and slamming doors last night, in sheer frustration and rage and desperation.

The Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) duty service at the mental health hospital phoned me this morning, due to me phoning the police last night with suicidal thoughts, who listened to me and took notes, and referred me to the NHS 111 helpline. The NHS call was a nightmare but they referred me to the CMHT. This call was good and they let me know that I can phone their duty number any time I like, and that all such calls will create a record and that these things will add weight. They were very encouraging of my reaching out.

Also this morning the charity Berkshire West Your Way phoned me back after a phone assessment which I had with them 2 weeks ago. They will have a once-weekly session with me (Tuesdays at 11am) by video call to provide advocacy, moral support and assistance with things like PIP application etc.

The CMHT phone call also gave me a suggestion of getting in touch with another charity called Communicare, who give support on things like benefits advice and completing applications.

I have made a telephone doctor appointment for tomorrow morning so I can update him on the situation, and to ask for a supporting letter for the council and Universal Credit.

Crisis Plan
If during working hours, I will phone the CMHT duty service number. If not, I will try to talk to the reliable friends who usually help me and if it’s really bad I will go to the mental health hospital myself, which will also have the benefit of giving me a long scooter ride in the fresh air.

I will also be posting some email replies from these organisations to create even greater accountability over their actions and also to gain more ideas from people.

I had always thought I was being really open with all of this, but I’ve just realised how much more I could have shared. Although it’s at the risk of destroying my blog, but never mind. Because people are going to take me seriously from now on, to the letter.

I have created a GoFundMe page to help to raise funds for the assessment costs. I would really really greatly appreciate any help towards it that you are able to give! πŸ’™


8 thoughts on “Overview Of My Situation

  1. Great way of making things clear Robin – for us who are worried but most importantly for you.

    I see you have already done a lot of approaching services yourself. That’s absolutely the right thing to have done.

    Now it’s about continuing to access / chase up those services and following your own (comprehensive) support plan.

    Take advantage of us here too.

    We’re all here for you πŸ–€

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    1. Thank you :). Yeah I can’t even tell you how many different charities and services I have contacted over the last 2 years and especially the last 18 months. 3 different job centres, 3 different mental health hospitals, 4 different GPs, multiple charities. Spread over 3 locations of course. And even here alone, where I am now, I’ve done so much.

      The last 2 weeks was me giving up on making any effort anymore because it wasn’t getting me anywhere and the challenge and timescales were insurmountable, plus all of my energy has been used up with the housing situation becoming worse.

      But this is a fresh start.

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  2. I am from India and I have know idea about all this process, I just pray things get easier to you and you get a independent living. I hope that doctors are able to help you.
    Just came across your blog and have read some amazing posts over here, Just want to know that I am here for you with what little contribution i can do with my presence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you I really really appreciate your comment!! And your praise of my writing too, that’s amazing. I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading some of them! It does make a difference :). Empathy is very powerful.

      I feel more confident that I will get there now. And I wish the best to you too πŸ’™.

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