OCD And Autism Join The Party

I’ve struggled again so far, today,
But I’m only 5 hours in :),

I crashed out on my bed yesterday (today!),
Before I could find the energy to complete the last thing,

But, I’ve done it now,
I’ve got back in touch with Psychiatry UK!
Who were very good to me before;
Oi, I would like to see one of your specialists in autism,
And also in OCD!
And also in OCD!
And also in OCD!
Oi, I would like to see one of your… πŸ₯΅;

If all goes to plan,
If the family agree to pay,
Jesus christ,
I could have these diagnoses by next week!
Yes, this may sound a little presumptive,
But there is no doubt in my mind;

That’s how fast it happened for ADHDβ€”
Pay Β£350,
Appointment 2 days later,
A few days after that…
Well, here it all is, what could be simpler!

Enquiry email August 24th
Diagnosis report August 30th

I received a free appointment in exchange for an honest review. πŸ™„
No, I didn’t

They have already replied to me within 34 minutes at 9pm. Wow.


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