Staring At His F***ing Phone

I just died inside,
My heart exploded with frustration,

Because I needed to sleep long again,
I had to cook some food at an unusual time (mid-afternoon),

But, I put my headphones and music on,
And was determined to not let housemates bother me,

You can block them out and ignore them,
But you can’t do anything about them physically being in the way;

As I was washing something at the sink,
The arrogant housemate came in, and,
If you’re in there when he wants to do something,
He always acts so taken-aback by your presence,
And stands there waiting, at your back,
Without saying a word (because he never acknowledges you or says anything to you),

I stepped away from the sink after washing something,
(Then he immediately occupied the sink without even checking),
Then I put something in the microwave to defrost,
Then went back to my room;

I did a bit of language learning,
Then went back to the kitchen,
Then he was making some smoothie with a blender on the worktop,
So I came back again,

I went in one more time,
Started to get some things ready to cook something simpler,
But then I needed to wash a bowl,
Just as he went to the sink, turned the tap on,
Stood there staring at his phone,
With the tap running,
Staring at his phone;

So, paralysed again,
I came back to my room and fucking raged.

There really is no way around it,
I have to get up in the night to cook,
Or it will always result in disaster.

And it’s 3pm and honestly I just want to eat then get outside,
Whilst it’s still sunny and warm,
And all of this… is stopping me,
And ruining my day;

Yes, it is, there’s no way around it,
It is ruining my day.

He’s the sort of person who would step around your body,
And carry on as normal without even noticing,
If you fell down having a heart attack,
(To illustrate the kind of stress I feel around him).


13 thoughts on “Staring At His F***ing Phone

      1. Not yet I just ate and that stuff tired me out. Also my neck is pretty sore from sleeping last night. My pillow pushed up against the headboard a bit

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  1. Urghh it’s horrible that you have to deal with someone like this. I know the kind of person you’re describing and the truth it they will never change or acknowledge their mistakes. The only thing you can do in such a situation is ignore them as much as possible.

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    1. Thanks Pooja :). Yeah I totally agree, and they are like an alien. That particular person is so rarely in the kitchen anyway, so the fact that I had so much interaction with them today was especially frustrating. Especially as they seem to be back at work, now! I eventually just hid in my room until definitely enough time should’ve passed so they had gone.

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  2. People can be really frustrating sometimes can’t they, especially when you are stressed and they seem to treat you as invisible. Spending more time at home because of COVID-19 has put hardships on so many people and spending more time with people who can get on your nerves just increases your stress levels.
    Stay strong and try not to let them get to you. Oh, just saw someone else said that too!


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