Mysterious Metaphors

Imagine reading poems literally,
With the metaphors constructing scenes,
Concrete and usually totally absurd,
In the mind;

Perhaps metaphors are part of the original definition of what poems are,
β€”As I’ve never heard nor seen a definition,
I’m just guessing,
But I’ve always wondered;

Honestly, at some point,
I thought it was just text arbitrarily broken up with commas,
Maybe with some rhyming;
There’s no logical reason why metaphors should go along with it,
(Or talking in riddles, as I called it);

Now, my personal definition,
Is writing to express things more freely than strictly-formatted,
Text can doβ€”

Writing free-flow and following mental connections,
Defined through experience,
Recorded in emotions,

Rhymes bubble up,
Without conscious thought,
I appreciate aesthetics,
Like those of a song;

I still struggle with reading anything metaphorical,
And it bores me to death because it’s like reading a dictionary πŸ˜…,
Or watching a James Bond filmβ€”
Scene after scene,
Apparently causally unrelated!

I’ve been reading my book about autism,
And refreshingly-unique perspectives,
And these mysteries make me laugh,
I just wanted to mention it!

(See the symmetry in the last paragraph? πŸ™‚).


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