Long Battle Against The Stacked Odds

I just got up-to-date with communications with:
Community Mental Health Team contact,
Universal Credit,

All sending me messages that are,
Informing me of how much everything is stacked against me,
Referring me off to the other,
Communicating to me like I’m an idiot,
And doing that in a very passive-aggressive tone;

Fucking done;

There’s a glimmer of light,
Because the Community Mental Health Team person,
Last week referred me to a charity who does advocacy and support,
And I had a phone assessment with them,
(I will chase them up tomorrow),
Which was very positive, very encouraging,
With them saying they’d be able to help me with the things which I need help with,
And in a consistent manner,
Which doesn’t suddenly go silent on me;

And, lo and beholdβ€”
They do video calls in this time of coronavirus!
Which for some reason the others weren’t doing πŸ˜†,
(Hence my feelings of utter abandonment);

So shut it all out of your mind,
Thinking about those stressful things will bring you down,
None of this is possible without the ongoing support and advocacy,
It’s about surviving one day at a time in this hell-hole,
That is it,
Because it’s going to be a loooong time before I get out of here and start to recover;

And in the meantime,
I will bolster myself with whatever self-worth I can get,
Through making friends,
Writing, expressing myself creatively,
Learning things,
And sharing things.

Let the bodies hit the floor!


10 thoughts on “Long Battle Against The Stacked Odds

    1. Hey Margie, thank you :). Don’t worry it was kind of positive too :). Just stating the facts really and needed to get it off my chest mainly. Felt better afterwards

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