Modern Standards

Push! Push!
One last big pusshhh!


Waaah, waaah, waaah,

What do we do, what do we do?
The umbilical cordβ€”
We need to cut it,

No need,
Just unplug it,


We’ve done away with placentas and umbilicals,
All babies use USB nowβ€”
Just unplug the USB cable,

Oh… ok…

Nifty, isn’t it?
You know…
All babies born after April 2020 even use USB-C,

What…how…why…what for?

It’s just easier,
So they can charge their phones more quickly,
Isn’t it?

What. the. fuck…


17 thoughts on “Modern Standards

    1. Lol πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ. If you laughed at that then you really must have problems!

      Or, did you mean ‘If I think I’ve got problems…you must be completely fucked’?


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    2. USB-C finally solves the problem of:

      “Is it in yet? Is it in?”

      “Hang on…”

      “Try the other way!”

      “D’oh, wrong way around. Ahβ€” that’s it!”

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    1. Hahahahahahaha!!!! Outrageous comment!! 🀣

      Oooh ok:

      “Thunderbolt 3 is a proprietary (for now) data and video transfer protocol developed by Intel. To use it, PC makers need to obtain certification from Intel. Not every company wants to do that.”

      “Intel’s Thunderbolt protocol is merging into USB4. The specification for USB4 was announced in the summer of 2019, with USB4 based products rolling out in 2020 or 2021.”

      So we are neither right πŸ˜„.

      Well, I’d say for such a risky medicinal procedure, they need to use well-proven technologies, right ;). Then on top of that they’re always going to be another 9 months behind. They could always use an adapter… πŸ™„.

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    2. At least the kids with USB-C aren’t using Apple’s lightning port or some other such proprietary shit, like the kids in Silicon Valley, just so they can sell you an expensive adapter.

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