As Darkness Falls

Been asleep,
For a very long time,
Been asleep for 16 hours,

And I go in the kitchen,
To make some porridge,
I try to put down the box of oats,
There’s a massive spill of burnt crumbs there,

The worktop’s a mess,
The floor is dirty,
The bathroom has hairs in,
All over,

I get the porridge going,
Go back to my room,
Headphones on,
Heavy music on,
Rehydrate, before 20 mins manic cleaning,
Go back in the kitchen,
The zombie has totally occupied itβ€”
The tablet on the worktop,
Everything abandoned,
Everything spread out,
Totally occupied the kitchen,
For the next most of an hour,


A silent storm is brewing,
Horrors yet unwritten,
Fingers begin twitching,
As darkness falls.

The fresh alcoholic drink in the corner, of course
It’s after 5am, of course


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