Could’ve, Should’ve

Why don’t you sit down and write more?
Inspiration is flowing,
You just need the opportunities,

I’m too busy sabotaging myself,
Look out of the windowβ€”


The shed;

What about it? Ohβ€”
What the hell!?

As I look across to the neighbour’s shed,
Glowing in cruel white lighting from their security light,
As I zoom in to stare at the one broken window panel,
A little square of black holding imagined horrors,

A little square of black, holdingβ€”

A pallid arm,
Reaching across the gap,
Grasping at the frame with its wiry claw,
Oh shit, have I locked the backdoor?

And I run across the kitchen tiles,
The keys, the keys… there on the worktop,
In the lock, turn the lock…
Slip-slapping clammy footsteps pattering,
Across the patio,
Shit, shit,
Pull the handle upβ€”

I jump back as it smashes against the glass,
Arms flailing and jaw gaping terribly, sliming the frosted window pane,
Rotting body juices dripping down the door,
A strained body-scream shattering the night,
Shattering what’s left of my sanity,

And it moves out of sight…
Moves off to the left and up…

The windows,
The upstairs windows!
And I freeze,
No timeβ€”

Clattering and clanging of the rusty iron drainpipe,
Thuddering steps swiftly across the ceiling,
Unstoppable footsteps pounding down the stairs,
Oh shit, oh shit…

I should’ve double-bagged it.


13 thoughts on “Could’ve, Should’ve

    1. Oh btw, after writing this I had the thought that this could be a great depiction/expression of the ‘should monster’ 🀣.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh, a sequel :D. Merci!

      C’est seulement devenu une suite sur la derniΓ¨re ligne :D.


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